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About Kelly Kegan

Kelly Kegan (2044 viewed)

beautiful busty blonde 36d 26 36

Service: Massage, Escort
Age: 22 years old  (Not Verified)
Pictures Verification: Not Verified
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Area/Location: SAN DIEGO, CA
Phone Number: (619) 490-8072
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Speaks: English
Body Type: Athletic, 36D 26 36
Incall: Yes
Outcall: No
Donation: 200 full hour f/s



  • Currently 4.5/5

18 Stars Received.

Your time with me will be fulfilling and unforgettable.
I am intelligent, sweet, well mannered and naughty at the same time.
I absolutely love what I do and I am very good at it!
If you are a gentleman that enjoys class, taste, and want a truly memorable experience then call me!!
619 490 8072

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What everyone said about Kelly Kegan...

 mpalma (2 years ago)  
 I last visited Kelly in March 2011. Everything, EVERYTHING you've read in the previous reviews about Kelly is 100% spot on. She has the body of a goddess that should be worshiped and worshiped and worshiped some more. She has the innate ability to sense what you need, how you need it and when to thrill you with it. For me, it felt like a wonderful hour with a lover .... definitely not a slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am session. It's what I needed, what I wanted, and exactly what she gave me.

Kelly was surprisingly easy to get a hold of. I called in the morning to set up an appointment for that afternoon. I called in afternoon as I was heading to San Diego and she gave me her address and directions to her condo. She buzzed me into the complex, found her condo as she opened the door with a great smile and either fully clothed or completely naked ..... I only remember being captivated by her eyes, her smile, then her body .... yes, she's that Amazing. Very friendly, very comfortable to be around. She led me to her bedroom, my clothes magically disappeared, as did hers, and I laid down beside her on the bed.

I kissed her lips, her neck, enjoyed some time with those wonderful breasts. They may be 'enhanced', but they are soft, responsive and squeezable. Started teasing her down below with my hand, could feel her hot moisture rising. She took over from there. CBJ, MISH, CG, RCG, Doggie, a plethora of acronyms. Kegel muscles that could snap you in two. Wet, sloppy, slurping, intense heat. Slow and sensual from the start to the finish. Kelly is skilled beyond belief.

I guess the 80 hour work weeks are catching up to me because I couldn't finish despite her most valiant effort. I was perfectly content, though, just to spend that incredible time with her. Afterwards, we sat on the bed and talked about everything and nothing. Like our intimate time, the time spent talking was just what I needed to keep my crazy world at bay for a little bit longer. It was a perfect time at the perfect time ... I couldn't have asked or hoped for more.

Next time, there'll be no excuses ..... I'll sleep for a week before I visit Kelly again .... and probably another week after :>
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